Pet Insurance – In General 

The importance of Pet Insurance

The joy of owning a pet can be easily overshadowed when your pet gets sick or injured. And when this happens, hard financial decisions need to be made that can be distressing for everyone involved.

An uninsured pet impacts everyone involved when it comes to treating them. Pet Insurance is just like health insurance and can help you be prepared for situations where your pet needs emergency treatment. The reality is treating and caring for a pet could be as expensive as a person getting treated in a hospital. The last thing you want to be dealing with if your pet gets sick or injured is an unexpected and expensive treatment plan. 

Just like health insurance, you need to make sure that your policy is right for your circumstances as all policies differ. However, by having a pet insurance policy that suits you, you’re making sure your furry friend can get the treatment they deserve. Also consider that the best time to initiate pet insurance cover is early in your pet’s life so as to avoid any previous history resulting in the recording of pre-existing conditions on your pet’s policy. You should also be aware that certain breeds may have exclusions or may not even be covered at all. 

Other considerations are any policy excess, percentage of cover and limits and sub-limits in categories covered. Also, what claim categories are not covered? Do you require injury cover only or illness cover only or a combined policy? Does your policy apply to the full lifetime of your pet? 

Please refer to our accompanying links (Canstar and Choice)  to search all  available pet insurance policies. The choice can be daunting and one should spend some time researching what would provide you and your pet with the optimal cover you require. This information is of a general nature only, please refer to the policy disclosure statement (PDS) for more details on any products you are considering. 

To get you started we have provided 2 links  below that you can use to get started with your research. 

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