At Holland Park and Carina Vet Clinics we believe healthy pets are happy pets. That is why we offer the Pet Value Plans that allow you to provide your dog or cat with an optimum preventative healthcare and wellness regime that promotes a long and happy relationship and a healthier than average pet.

In addition to Vaccinations, our Pet Value Plans include monthly comprehensive heartworm, worming, flea and tick prevention. Also we provide the advantage of additional Health Checks, which include dental and medical reviews, along with 2 free additional nurse consults annually.

Plus there are added member rewards! A discount on additional consults gives peace of mind for when that something unexpected happens. Also, discounts on “over the counter products” and other veterinary services (such as dentistry and laboratory fees) help save hundreds over your pet’s lifetime.

Simple ongoing monthly instalments make it easy for family budgeting and takes the frustration out of unexpected veterinary bills. Whether your pet is young or old, there is an option that will suit your situation. One can also pay a single annual subscription – please give us a call if you prefer this option. 

We also offer “starter” plans for puppies and kittens to supplement our main health plans. 

For those pets currently on an annual proheart injection regime or those pet owners who would prefer to include this option for their heartworm prevention then we can customise a plan to suit such choices. Please click on the link for more details or give us a call and we can tailor a plan for your pet.