• Mar 23 2022

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    Introducing Dr Lisca Martinez and Dr Georgina Lowson as the new owners of the Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics

    Dr Georgina Lowson BVSc (Hons) Director, Principal Veterinarian I graduated from University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science in 1996 with first class honors. Since graduating I have worked in...
  • Oct 28 2017

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    Beware of paralysis Ticks

    Beware of Paralysis Ticks. There has been a recent increase in  tick cases presented to our Holland Park and Carina practices. This often occurs after rain events  during August to…

  • Oct 26 2019

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    Bruno’s Fear Free Training Success

    Bruno and fear free training success in Holland Park, Brisbane. Bruno is a goofy, 8-year-old Bull Arab Cross. He has always been very friendly at the vet but once pats…

  • May 03 2019

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    Minimising the Stress of Vet Visits for your Dog.

    Tips for making your dog’s vet visit as stress free as possible. We know that dogs can be stressed in many scenarios but many can be particularly stressed at the…

  • Apr 30 2019

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    Early Detection of Kidney Disease in Cats

    Especially for older or senior cats - give us a call.
  • Dec 03 2018

    ‘Tis the season to be pet safe!

    Christmas and New Years are a fun time of year but it can also mean greater health risks for our pets. Food Certain foods can be toxic to dogs and…

  • Aug 27 2018

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    How to Be a Great Fur Parent

    How to Be a Great Fur Parent Making the decision to own a pet can present a very exciting feeling! Pets offer a great sense of companionship and they are…

  • Jun 13 2018

    Pukky the Groodle and her Surgery.

    Meet Pukky the 11 year old, golden groodle.  She’s been coming to the Holland Park Vet Clinic for routine visits over the years but in February this year it was…

  • Feb 04 2018

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    Anal Glands cause Butt Scooting

    Is your dog a butt scooter or carpet surfer? A dog with an itchy bottom is frequently associated with intestinal worms but there is another cause which is probably more…

  • Dec 19 2017

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Rewarding 2018. All the best for a great holiday season of enjoyment for you and all your pets. Here are…

  • Nov 21 2017

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    Epilepsy in Dogs

    Imagine suddenly seeing your dog collapse, lose consciousness and bladder control and tremble on the floor in front of you. Seizures are scary. They usually only last for a few…