Introducing Dr Lisca Martinez and Dr Georgina Lowson as the new owners of the Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics

Dr Georgina Lowson BVSc (Hons)Dr Georgina Lowson BVSc (Hons)

Director, Principal Veterinarian

I graduated from University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science in 1996 with first class honors. Since graduating I have worked in many small animal practices including Victoria, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Brisbane.

Over the last 13 years I have lived locally and worked in busy Small Animal Practices in  South East Brisbane.  I have had the privilege to work with pet owners to provide a high standard of veterinary care to the local  community.

As I am passionate about providing the best quality veterinary health care to your pets! To ensure I provide the most up to date veterinary science to your pets, I have kept up with continuing education including  multiple Sydney University CVE courses in small animal internal medicine, small animal surgery, and  radiology. I also regularly attend many smaller courses,  conferences and seminars in small animal anesthetics, analgesia, trauma, emergency medicine and dentistry just to name a few.

Outside of work I am kept very busy with my husband and 2 daughters often enjoying various equestrian pursuits, the hobby we all share. Our extended family includes many much loved animals including our two cats ‘Jemima’ and ‘Tiddles’,  cheeky Jack Russel Terrier ‘Peanut’ and  and of course our 3 horses ‘Will’, ‘Dash’ and ‘Mickey’!

I am looking forward to meeting all our clients new and old and welcoming many more as we grow the practices into the future. Exciting times ahead!

Dr Lisca Martinez BVSc

Director, Principal Veterinarian

Lisca grew up in North Queensland before moving to Brisbane to finish high school and attend Vet School at University of Queensland. After graduating in 1997, she moved back to Townsville for the first few years of veterinary life. It was an interesting start in a rapidly growing practice and included work at Magnetic Island and looking after the Koalas at Koala Park.  She then ventured overseas travelling and working through the UK and spent a short time working in a small animal practice in Shanghai. After returning to Brisbane she has worked mainly in her local community including work at Stones Corner, Yeronga, Bulimba and Holland Park and Carina. Lisca is very excited to be back with Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics and hopes to see the practices producing the best of patient care and develop strong bonds with the community.

Lisca enjoys continuous learning and has special interests in Ophthalmology and geriatric health, but enjoys all the variation the general small animal practice has to offer.  Lisca’s house is home to Elton the geriatric cat, Roger the Boxer, Stella the little rescue terrier cross and 3 chickens.

For your Pets though – skip the chocolates .

Wishing you all a HAPPY & SAFE EASTER.
Our Clinics will be closed for all of the Easter Week-end and our staff having a break. They have had a busy time of late and we will resume on Tuesday to continue to take care of your pets. Please be aware of our special COVID-19 Protocols & visit our website at

We will refer all emergencies over Easter to a choice of :

Animal Emergency Services : Underwood:

or Animal Emergency Centre : Woolloongabba : What Is A Pet Emergency | AEC Vets

UpdateAdvice for pet owners for visiting our vet clinics during COVID-19 – May2020

It is great that we are finally, as a community, are moving into a period where there is some careful relaxation of the “lock down” protocols we have experienced in March and April. This is great news for individuals, families, and their pets. Also, for our fellow small businesses both local and in general. However, within our two clinics for now, we must continue to be vigilant and our present protocols to protect you and our veterinary team will continue for a while at least and be dependent upon government policy.

I have noticed during our daily walks of our two pets just how many pets are out there enjoying a similar routine to ours. We may soon have to give some consideration to any changes that may happen to these routines as our circumstances change during a relaxation in the authorised protocols. For some, this may mean less regularity for “walks” and pets perhaps being more at home alone than in the recent months. This may result in some degree of stress in your pets, especially in dogs experiencing separation anxiety. If you have any concerns as of now or in the future, please give us a call. We will endeavour soon to get some informative posts up addressing this on our social media and website.

Our Current Protocols are as follows:
• Make an appointment by phone. Please avoid on-line bookings for now.
• Please provide a thorough description regards the purpose of the visit.
• As recommended by veterinary industry authorities we are presently prioritising immediate appointments and procedures for sick or injured pets over vaccinations and desexings. Please consider booking a few days to a week ahead for the latter procedures.
• Please also call well ahead to arrange pick-up of products or medications.
• Call us prior to any emergency or urgent arrival.
• Only one healthy adult person should accompany the pet.
• On some occasions our entry doors may be locked to maintain safe distancing in the waiting room.
• After arrival, phone us if you have not been acknowledged then wait outside and follow instructions from the staff.
• For pets being picked up, usually towards the end of the day, please phone to arrange the best discharge time and follow the same protocols on your arrival.
• Disinfect your hands when entering if the disinfectant is at your disposal.
• Practice safe distancing and always keep at least 1.5 metres distance from other people.
• Try not to touch anything in the waiting and consultation room. For some procedures during consultations it may be necessary that only a vet and a nurse be present in the consult room with your pet.
• Contactless payment is preferred.
• Thank you for your patience. We are constantly striving to provide service without extended delays to your schedule, but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can affect our schedule.

Please keep in mind that these recommendations apply to the situation regards the epidemiological risk in our area. We encourage you to keep up to date with the advice from the government.
These precautions are recommended to protect you and our veterinary team; there is currently no evidence that pets can transmit this new coronavirus.


OUR PRACTICE PROTOCOLS for Corona COVID-19 Virus CONTROL  – (ARTICLE 1 of 2 ) – last updated 18/4/2020

Our first thoughts are with you and your families, and trust you remain safe and healthy.

  • In these difficult times I want to assure you that we at the Holland Park and Carina Vet’ Clinics are here to support you and remain committed to caring for  your pets to the best of our ability. As much as possible it will remain business as usual. You may find our doors are locked at times to control the number of people in our waiting area in line with social distancing rules. 
    Over the last few weeks, we have been and are taking the following actions to keep our customers, staff and families as safe as possible. We have upgraded our previous Hygiene and Infection Control Protocols to reflect the current concerns regarding the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic.
    Our current Policy involves the following:
    * Latest Update: In line with recommended advice regards “safe social distancing” we prefer presenting pets to be accompanied on a one owner/one pet basis. Thus, for example, two pets could be accompanied by two owners ( or carers) but only one pet and if needed one owner (carer) in the consult room at a time. Appreciate your help with this new protocol. 
  •  To aid in social distancing regards the waiting room and reception areas we have introduced a locked door policy. Please phone in on your arrival and we will invite you in to the clinic as soon as possible. 
    See Article 2 for more detail. 

Access, at multiple sites within the clinic, to hand wash, hand gel and hand wipes
• A policy of more frequent cleansing of hands by all staff as well as surface disinfection for every use of telephones, computer keyboards / mouse and EFTPOS machines.
• Frequent disinfection of all door handles (including fridges and microwaves), light switches, work surfaces (including reception and office desks), taps and sinks.
• Hand and Surface Cleansing of consultation tables and instruments between every patient examination. This was always routine.
• General Environmental Cleansing throughout the day and especially at closing time of the clinics.
• Maintenance of “common sense” personal hygiene especially relating to coughing, sneezing, hand washing and also application of social distancing wherever possible.

Again, wishing you and your families and pets all the best through these current difficult times.

Holland Park and Carina Veterinary Clinics.

COVID-19 Update (March 18 – 2020)  (ARTICLE 2 of 2) Updated 18/4/2020

 Until advised otherwise, we are open as normal – we are maintaining our vet and nurse roster, but this may come under pressure depending on further developments.

Here are some Guidelines to help both humans and their pets if you are affected by the following circumstances :

1) If your pet needs veterinary attention and:
You have been overseas within the last 21 days OR
• You are experiencing symptoms that perhaps could indicate exposure to COVID-19 Virus OR
• been instructed to self-isolate.
Then please phone us for advice and we can make a plan In line with current Health Authority advice and social distancing recommendations. We will aim to keep waiting times to a minimum. Please proceed to Step 2 guidelines.

2) If it is possible to have a face to face visit at the clinic:
Then we ask you to phone and book an appointment. Please do not use on-line appointment scheduling. Whilst on the phone please explain the reason for your pet’s visit. For example, is it routine such as a vaccination or do you have concerns about your pet’s health? Please give as much information regards your pet as possible or even email a detailed summary of your concerns if need be.
Please be advised ( as per Vet’ Surgeons Board Recommendations) that we are limiting the number of elective consultations and procedures booked in any one day. This will apply to vaccinations (boosters)  for adult pets and for desexings. This allows for space  to perform priority consultations and surgery for sick or injured pets. Our Clinics currently also have a locked door policy to limit crowding in the waiting room and to respect social distancing rules. 
At the time of your arrival at our clinic:
• Limit the number of people presenting your pet to just one owner or carer,
• Or arrange a person who does not qualify for the points in Section 1, to present your pet.
• When arriving for your appointment please phone us from your car and we can return the phone call to welcome you into the clinic when we are ready to see your pet. We will endeavour to see you in the order that you are scheduled. Please indicate if you have an emergency situation. 
* We currently have increased our staffing levels to accommodate for maximal “social distancing” during consultations and at reception service. 

• If you need to cancel any appointment please let us know as soon as possible.


• Please use hand sanitisers located in the clinic.
• Please adhere to “safe distancing” (1.5 meter) practices. Currently we also allow only one owner (carer), if needed,  per pet in the consult room. We also  recommend one person per pet in the waiting/ reception area. This also pertains to dropping off and picking up hospitalised cases and best to organise a time for the latter. 
Please phone in advance to order required prescription medicine repeats or food, worming and flea control products so we can arrange to have them ready for you without the need to wait for too long when picking them up. Perhaps organise a specific time for your pick-up and let us know by phone when you arrive.  

To keep everyone (staff and customers) healthy in our vet practice we are working hard to ensure we maintain a high standard of infection control protocols within our two clinics.
Thank you for your understanding and co-operation. This situation is continually evolving, and we will provide updates as required.
(Article In Conjunction with the AVA)


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Breakthrough dog surgery performed for first time in Australia!

Open-heart surgery to address the most common cardio-respiratory disease in dogs has been performed for the first time in Australia, at the University of Sydney’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

The six-hour operation was performed on Prince, a 10-year-old male Cavalier King Charles spaniel who was diagnosed with severe heart failure due to MVD earlier this year. To go to link click here.

The operation was a success and promises to extend Prince’s life by many years.

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